Restaurant Bistro Flor, Brand design
Bistro Flor
Design of the brand identity of the restaurant situated on Nicholson St in Melbourne.
Creative fields:
Brand design (logo, business cards, menu, signage), web design.
In partnership with:
Studio Periscope (©)
Albert Comper
Freshness and craftsmanship are two of the main characteristics of the restaurant. Recreating a classic font with the use of a brush was the right classy & crafty approach the brand needed.

The business card has the shape of the floor plan of the building with its classic old-Victorian shape, so that the "corner" enters the visual language of the brand.
The crafty look&feel has been used also for the illustration of the cutlery, on menu's and as signage. Moreover, the lightness and fun of the place has been captured in the design of the simple menu and in the playful website, where the user can interact with the objects on the table.

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