Buro Nana - Brand Design

Buro Nana is a designed studio specialised in Brand & Retail Design. It was founded by me & Naomi Thellier de Poncheville in November 2014.
Brand design, web design, tattoo design and screenprint.
Bookmarks/With Comps cards printed with the inline cold foil technique.
Gif invitation to our studio opening.
We created a set of (removables) tattoos that our guests could apply to themselves during the party.
Our studio.
After the success of our studio opening, we created a new set of removable tattoos for our pop-up stand at Koningsdag 2014 (Kingsday) in Amsterdam. Passers-by could stop at our stand and let our team apply their favourite tattoo.
Experimenting with screenprint.
© Cristina Zanon & NTP designs
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