AidsFonds, Environmental design
AidsFonds, no-profit organisation (the Netherlands).
Design of the environmental graphic for the headquarter in Amsterdam. 
Creative fields:
Environmental graphic.
In partnership with:
Chris Fokkema, Geoffrey Timmer and Eleonora Sorio (Hollandse Nieuwe, interior design).
Photography by:
Teska Overbeeke.

In 2019 I got contacted by Hollandse Nieuwe to design the graphics for the interiors they created for the new offices of Aids Fonds SoaAids Nederland, a no-profit organisation dedicated to the battle against Aids and Soa.
My task would be translating the rich history of the brand, from the 80s until now, into environmental graphics.
Hollandse Nieuwe did an amazing job creating the interiors, they were really sophisticated, ton-sur-ton bold colours and beautiful materials. The visuals of AidsFonds SoaAids, on the other hand, had been developed in the past 40 years and they were many and really varied. So, what I did was creating a visual language that could both marry the beautiful style of the space and remind people of the iconic brand visuals.
The idea of the line was born. A line that defines faces, campaigns. A line that reminds people of love and of death. A line that creates also joy and fun, especially for the employees who are dealing every day in their work with difficult and sometimes sad topics.
A series of "instawalls" has been designed with the idea of creating an opportunity to share an experience within the building on social media and therefore making employees brand ambassadors.
One wall in particular was really important to the employees: the "In Memoriam" wall where the names of deceased colleagues would feature. Also for this wall the line is the protagonist, creating a giant heart together with the names of the AidsFonds colleagues.
The line ends up also in the skype rooms where it has been stitched into beautiful sound-proof fabric recreating the campaign pattern of the walls.

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