Mani, Brand and packaging design
Mani, Eau de Parfum (Italy).
Brand design of the new parfum-brand based in Milano.  
Creative fields:
Logo and packaging design

Mani is the artistic perfumery project created by Silvia Bianco, founder of Cardamomo concept store and owner of Lo Studio Bianco in Milano.

The five fragrances are the union between the spiritual yoga world and the artisan world. The name ‘Mani’, in fact, comes from the Tibetan mantra of compassion ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ where ‘Mani’ means ‘Inner Jewel’. Moreover, ‘Mani’ in Italian means ‘Hands’ which are the symbol of the all-Italian craftsmanship that led to the birth of this collection.

So this is the reason for a hand-written style for the logo, and the five different crafted backgrounds that characterise each fragrance.

"The birth of a project like that of Mani Perfumes is the result of the synergy of different personalities, attitudes and talents that converge towards a common result: to create something unique. Being part of this project, all female and 100% made in Italy, fills me with joy and pride!"
Maria Barbieri, Brand Strategist and Project Manager at Mani

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